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Contactless Exterior Window Cleaning


2024 Seasonal Special

(for typical properties)


Customer Conscientious


Bright & Gleaming Windows


Contactless Means:

  • We use Bio-Degradable Non-toxic, proprietary cleaning agents. They are Eco-Friendly and Pet-Friendly.

  • We are Customer conscientious, do not harm vegetation and we respect your lawn and landscape.

  • We use laboratory grade ultra pure water, which means filtered water with no minerals.

  • Our unique cleaning system dries streak free and result in gleaming... glistening... glass...!

  • NO squeegees or Rags.

  • We never enter your home - We clean only your outside windows.

  • We can provide service even when you are not home.

  • We even clean the windows with the screens on!

If the glass has not been cleaned within the last year, a slight grimy residue collects typically at the bottom of the window. Agitation (minimal brush contact) will be needed to remove grime completely.

Hard water mineral deposits from lake water, well water, city water, or sprinklers can etch onto glass and doesn't show until windows are cleaned. Extra cleaning would be needed to remove them. 

*An extra fee will be required for these situations, but your authorization will be acquired before any extra agitation or cleaning would happen on your windows!

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